Land clearing basically consists of the total removal of vegetation, garbage, debris from previous works and all kinds of obstacles that allow leaving a free and clean land or surface, either to prevent fires, for better use of land or for building projects.

This is one of the initial works in a project, in order to be able to better carry out the following works, such as the excavations for the foundations and structure of the work.

The degree of difficulty, time and labor to carry out this work will be determined depending on the conditions of the land.

For this reason, a preliminary study must be carried out in order to achieve the best result in land clearing and clearing of plots and open fields.

These can be done by hand or by means of special machinery for this type of activity.

In this sense, to guarantee this effectiveness it is essential to have expert professionals, as well as the use of the most advanced means, equipment and manual and mechanical tools.

Land clearing consists of several phases such as:

Clearing and clearing

Tree felling and pruning

Application of herbicide treatments

transportation and disposal management of all remains.